• Pay-Per-Click Management

  • Zap Locally internet marketing solutions generate loads of free, or organic traffic, and local search results. However, that comprises only 2/3 of the available search results for Google. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy always includes search engine marketing for best results. Paid search advertising is one of the very best ways for you to reach a new client or customer. With the help of paid search ads, these ads are going to appear at the top of search engines in the Ad Section when someone types in the desired keywords. This in turn is going to maximize clicks and bring in more business to your website. All of this is thanks to Google Adwords and other available paid search services. So, you need to keep this in mind when it comes to choosing the best way to market your business and to bring in more clients and customers. When combined with local search results and organic search results, paid search results drive even more targeted traffic. All of it is going to help generate more revenue for your business.

  • In order to properly market your website, there are all sorts of different ways to do so, but you need to bring attention to your website and make sure other potential clients and customers are able to purchase your service. Of course, before they can purchase your products they need to find your website, and one of the best ways to do this is through pay per click marketing, also known as PPC. We over deliver on all of these services and do plan to exceed your expectations.

    Internet marketing has many finer points you need to focus on. Of course, you probably have a full plate running your own business, so doing this all on your own can be difficult. That is exactly why you need to look into our services. First, we are going to establish your Internet presence with quality social media accounts, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Once we have these established, if you have a local business where people can come into your brick and mortar store, we are going to create local search improvements with the help of Yelp and Foursquare.

    Naturally, this is just the beginning. A beneficial service you can take advantage of is something known as PPC pay-per-click ads. This is where your ads appear when someone types in specified keywords into the search field. Once these words are typed in your ad appears at the top of the search results. We create these search results with the help of Google, Yahoo Search Ads and Bing Ads. The best part about this is that now both Bing and Yahoo work together, so by purchasing ads through one it is going to appear on both, which not only saves you money but helps extend your presence on the Internet and it generates leads.

    Now, one thing we always want to look at is the CPC cost-per-click. This is the amount of money a paid search is going to cost you. Different keywords cost more than others, based on the popularity. After all, more people want to advertise during the Super Bowl, so the price for these ads go up. Likewise, if there is a popular topic, the price goes up for this as well. With the SEM (search engine marketing), we can determine what the best option for a paid search campaign is for your business. All of this is going to improve your search marketing and make it possible for your business to be able to market yourself.