• Inbound Sales Optimization

  • Bridge the gap between your inbound and outbound sales calls with our ZapCalling℠ platform and dramatically improve response time to your inbound sales calls. Do not lose your customers in the sales pipeline. Make an instant connection between your sales agents and your online marketing leads.

  • Many websites gather customer information for follow up calls and outbound sales, however very few have a genuine solution in which the customer is contacted within seconds of filling out an interest form or request for more information. This is the most critical time to capture the sale!

  • This is a problem because while searching for options, the customer could make a purchase from your competition before ever even hearing back from your company. Our digital call management platform, ZapCalling℠, offers a solution to this problem by changing the contact process for a company that generates leads on a website or hosted lead generation service.

    With ZapCalling℠ a prospective customer fills out the form with their phone number, and other contact information. As soon as the customer submits this information it is then relayed to your salesperson in the form of a phone call. When the salesperson answers the call, our technology, with a press of one button signifying the acceptance of the call, creates a call connected with your salesperson who will be on the phone with the customer to make the sale. This all occurs within seconds and your customer’s phone is ringing in under a minute.

    This is a dramatic improvement over the current standard process where the customer would fill out a form and have an automatic, impersonal generated email sent to them and maybe a call hours or (shudder) even days later. This current delay is taking away from your sales. If someone were to walk into a car dealership the dealer would not gather the customer’s information and have them return later for a sales pitch, the pitch would happen on the spot. It should be no different for a virtual trip to the car dealership.

    We have had countless positive encounters with customers’ reactions to the extreme efficiency of the follow ups coming from companies using our ZapCalling℠ platform. It occurs so quickly that customers can navigate the site while connected to a salesperson and ask any questions directly while interest is the highest. Your salesperson will be able to assist the customer with the website never leaving the customer’s sight. It gives the feeling of an actual shopping experience all without the customer leaving the comfort of their home.

    By converting warm leads to phone calls with prospects so quickly you will be able to close the sale before the customer even accesses the competitor’s site. This is truly a game changer as it takes the hassle out of creating a customer list of people who are actually ready to buy by making the customer come to you. You speed up your sales leads before your competition, and you are able to make sales before your competition. Following up on leads is key, but futile after the interest is lost. Do not let potential customers feel like they are not a priority. Our clients are currently utilizing our technology in the online market of car dealerships, exterminators, limousine services, real estate agents and other companies with inbound sales. With ZapCalling℠, the customers feel important, and the process is simple for the company.