• 96%

    of consumers search for
    businesses online

  • 25.1+

    billion LOCAL searches 
    per year

  • 88%

    of smartphone owners
    search locally

  • What We Do

    Are you trying to grow your business but don't have the expertise or the staff to handle the local SEO and digital marketing necessary to generate a large number of new customers? Then give us a call. We are Zap Locally Internet Marketing Solutions and we have the highly skilled, experienced, innovative staff to take your internet marketing to a whole new level. Outsourcing your internet marketing to us enables you to attract new customers while freeing up the time, talent, and energy of your staff to focus on providing better products or services to a growing customer base.

  • Our Approach

    Unlike other lead generation platforms, we do not blast out the same lead to many different providers, charging everyone and leaving you to fight over the same stale prospect. That just results in a prospective customer looking for the lowest price and the next callback. That's not going to help. You need to develop likeability and trust with your customer and close the sale. Our internet marketing solutions generate leads to your phone and email - and only YOU will ever get that lead. That encourages personalization and customer service. You get the lead, you build the relationship, you keep the customer. You build your business.

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  • "Whatever you're doing is great! I am constantly getting customer calls every day. You guys are blowing away the results of all my previous marketing efforts combined. Keep it coming - I want my business to grow."

    Andy G.

  • Case Studies

    Towing Company

    The owner of a tow truck company desired to improve his online presence in his local area. ...

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    Limousine Company

    A limousine owner with no internet presence wished to improve the results of his marketing efforts. ...

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  • We are internet marketing experts. Our ability to improve your website design, provide great content, and implement innovative digital marketing methods will generate new leads, attract more customers to your company, and make you more money. To give you an opportunity to see the impact that our creative internet marketing practices can have on your business, we are willing to work for free initially. When you see the dramatic increase in your customer base our marketing methods can provide, your decision to form a long-term relationship with us will be an easy one to make.

    We use a number of very effective methods to improve consumer interest in your company. We begin by optimizing website content to give you a more user-friendly, attractive website. This is the first point of contact many consumers have with your company. We will make it an enjoyable experience that will engage prospects and make them not only want to purchase the products and services you offer, but also be motivated to visit the site again and again. Customers that enjoy using your website and understand how the things you have to offer can improve their quality of life will invariably tell their friends and relatives. No worries if you do not have an existing website. We will create a customized website specifically designed to drive leads to your company.

    Proper web development is one of the keys to effective digital marketing. We will create an attractive webpage, add great content, and make the website user friendly. This enhances the customer experiences and generates leads and sales. We will use a variety of proven methods to move your website to the top of search engine results pages and get your business seen by more consumers. We only focus on one client per target market. This allows us to provide you with the personalized service your company needs to get the best results from your online marketing campaign.

    Social media is an excellent tool to use to make potential customers aware of your company, engage prospects, create dialog, develop relationships with consumers and engage prospects. We are experts at using social media marketing to create consumer interest in your company and its products and services. We can increase your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a host of other social media platforms. We also support that with the creation of a newsletter to provide both customers and prospects with constant updates on the sales and specials your company offers.

    Video marketing and email marketing are two other very effective tools we use to make consumers aware of your company. Your company’s video marketing will appear on YouTube and a wide variety of other popular internet platforms. The videos will be interesting and engaging and are sure to generate traffic for your website. Email marketing is one of the most effective low-cost marketing tools. It allows you to make direct contact with consumers, open lines of communications with them, enable you to tailor offers designed to meet their specific, expressed needs, and increase the size of your customer list.

    We also employ pay per click and a number of other paid search tools as part of our content marketing efforts. These are designed to maximize clicks and encourage visits to your website by people who have a serious interest in the products and services you offer. Our local SEO and other local search tools will improve your visibility and positioning on Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engine results pages. Improving your website rank on search results pages are a proven way to increase the number of visitors to your website.

    By using a combination of improved local SEO, Google AdWords, superior website design, content marketing, email and video marketing, and social media marketing, we will help your company reach millions of new customers. This will increase the size of your customer list and your bottom line. At Zap Locally Internet Marketing Solutions we exceed your expectations by producing fast, lucrative increases in visits to your website. We produce an easy to use, attractive website to maximize clicks.

    We over deliver for our customers by generating large amounts of leads and a dramatic increase in sales and profits. Whether you are a contractor, cleaners, craftsman, electrician, plumber, roofer, or any other type of service company, contact us and we’ll show you how we can help you prosper.